Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Look of the Day: Creating Unexpected Layers

Almost everything is "layer-able."  All you have to do it try it, and keep an open mind.  I will often overlook an item when shopping, no matter how much of a bargain, because I think it's not something I would put on my daughter by itself, but have to catch myself and think about the possibilities.  Like the dress in the photos below.  It's an adorable dress, and I got it from Old Navy on a whim when I saw the $5.99 price tag in the clearance area, but I'd walked past it several times before finally deciding on it (and before seeing the price!).  Having such a vast expanse of just one color makes me uncomfortable - it feels too traditional to me.  Things need to be broken up, and adding a shirt that I'd purchased from H&M for $5 coupled with the fun $6.99 leggings from Naartjie, I felt like I'd accomplished just that.  Bear in mind, while the outfit cost roughly $18.00 altogether, these are all items that can be mixed and matched and used with other things.  To me, $18.00 to dress a child can be too much.  If it's only one outfit.  But this is comprised of at least 2. 


The shoes were second-hand from the local thrift store for just a buck or two.  The soles looked pretty un-worn, and they fit perfectly.

Don't be afraid to roll pants, too.  I'm pretty sure I could write a whole post on that.  If they're too long, roll them.  If they're cutting the look off at the ankle and you want to create more emphasis on their shoes, cuff them.  I think the detail from her socks to her shoes is cute enough to highlight, and it looks whimsical to crop the bottoms with a new finish.  But don't cuff them at the ankle - bring them up a bit higher, like capris.

 Make sure it looks like you want the shirt to go with the dress by rolling the sleeves and ensuring the top collar of the dress is still a visible layer beneath the shirt. Otherwise, it may end up looking like you stuck the shirt over it as an afterthought, or for warmth.
Samantha's sitter in the afternoons has proclaimed this outfit to be her favorite.  


mp3 said...

i never thought about layering..not sure why...i tend to layer with oneies still with Maddie instead of big girl clothes...we are going shopping in a few days and i am so keeping these tips in find! love the colors also! now i just have to get Maddie to ear cute shoes instead of her nikes! smils

Lisa said...

i miss cute shoes! someone needs to design an orthotic that is more verstitle! adorable outfit

Anna Theurer said...

Looking good Miss Sammi. I love the layered look. We do not layer here. . . too hot!

Anna said...

^ Lisa, take your little ne to Stride rite. They were able to find an adorable pr of Mary Janes that we took the insole out of that Grace wears with everything! The lady also helped us find a pr of xtra wide ten ish shoes so we didn't have to go up 3 sizes to get her feet in the shoes with the orthotic. Lastly, I am looking at cascade DAFO s next time. Our insurance went cover them but we can use our flex spending account in them and quite possibly be able to wear more styles of shoes.

Becca, I never would have thought of a top over a dress like this! I love this look! This color is our go to with Grace- the peach/strawberry. Right now I am knitting a tunic and will sew up lace capris for her to wear with it! Can't wait. Thank you for the awesome ideas.

Alicia Llanas said...

i have to confess that i have a problem with layering, it looks cute on others but on my kids im like naahhhh

when i first saw the picture of Sammy i though wow she looks great and when you mentioned the top above the dress i though "genious!" ha! never though on that, maybe i should think more out of the box :) i will try that

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