Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Fashion is subjective.  What my eye is drawn to, what I may find attractive, is certainly not necessarily what everyone else likes.  And when it comes to dressing our kids, there is no shortage of opinion differences.  Likewise, there are people for whom money is no object when it comes to children's clothes, but in these uncertain economic times, I, personally, can not spend a lot to dress my daughter.  I'd like to replicate the more expensive looks, to make sure she looks cute and fashionable, but not drop a wad of cash doing it.  Because this is about creating fashionable looks for children without spending a ridiculous amount of money, I hope you all understand that this is based on my opinion only, and I do not profess to be an expert in anything. I'm winging it, going with my gut, telling you what works for me, with the understanding that you may not like what I like. And while I'm handing out disclaimers, I can tell you that I also will be writing this with a definite bias towards little girl's clothes since I happen to only have a little girl. I'll try to branch out from time to time, and will definitely be requesting the input (along with guest-posts) of the parents of little boys, but please be patient with me for a while.

There's something a little bit daunting about starting a new blog.  There are so many things to worry about - I have so many questions...will I have enough content? will I be able to produce something of quality? will I have the time? will anyone even read this?

And, with those questions, come at least some of the answers. I'm not planning on doing daily postings with this. Actually, since I first decided to do it, I figured once a week should be enough. Trying to keep up with The Bates Motel is hard enough, but it's a labor of love, as is this. The quality of the blog and its content and format will evolve with time, I'm sure. I'm completely open to suggestion, so if you see something you don't like, or if you think of something you'd like to see, please message me! This is, after all, for YOU!! 

I welcome questions.  Lots of questions!  I will rely on your questions to help drive some of my post topics, so BRING IT ON!


Heather said...

Great new venture you have begun here and one I am certain you will be great at.

I need to say, that I am certain you do not intend this blog to be solely related to fashion and our kids sporting the extra 21st but I need to start by saying ... do you know how much I dislike when people, strangers and yes sometimes even people I know say, "Oh, you dress her SO cute!"

Now this could be that chip on my shoulder but I always wonder what exactly they mean by that and how exactly I should dress her? With 5 other children, I have to also say, I have never heard that statement before and my girls I dressed pretty darn darling as well.

Just a thought that popped in my head. Maybe I should have left it there but you know me, can't shut my mouth.

Good luck here friend.

my family said...

looking forward to this blog...makes me want my girls to be little again. Boys arent near as fun to dress as my girls were

Becca said...

Ha! Heather, you are probably right! I didn't think about that, as I only have one. :-) This technically has nothing to do with the extra 21st, but it probably *does* have a lot to do with a knee-jerk reaction to dated stereotypes and a compulsive need to break free of them. Glad you're both following along!!

Anna said...

I will have to say as our girls mature the clothing choices are dwindling. Not many girls are going to be wearing elastic waists and modest yet cute things anymore so I appreciate what you are trying to do.

Anna said...

I hear ya loud and clear Heather!

Lisa Morguess said...

This is awesome, Becca! Excited to follow!