Monday, February 4, 2013

About that Header Picture...

I speak with the authority of a well-practiced parent when I say I know my kid's cute.  She is.  Like, really cute.  (*grin*)  But the vast majority of the photos I post on this blog will likely not be of her, specifically, and will instead focus on what she's wearing.  I mean, that's the main intent of the blog, right? 

Just wanted to clarify.

Now, about that header picture.  Since this is also about not spending a lot of money, I'd like to highlight the costs of the items you see above.  Some of them were purchased early last year, before I knew I would be creating this blog, so I'm a little bit fuzzy about what I had actually paid for them, but I do know that the prices I quote are super-close, if not spot-on.  The boots were part of an end-of-season clearance at Sears last spring, purchased for a mere $12.00, in a size I knew that would fit her this year.  The ruffle-trim capri jeggings were from Walmart, bought for @$3.00.  Why I didn't buy multiple pairs, I have no idea, but she's about to outgrow them, and I'm really kicking myself about it.  The purple plaid dress is short-sleeved and buttons up the front.  The cotton is light and comfy, but she's still been able to wear it during the winter with a lace cami underneath and a handmade cardigan from her Nana over the top.  I found that dress at Target for @$6.00 in clearance last year.  The denim jacket (it's super-stretchy, and the detail and finishing on it are exquisite...) was from Pumpkin Patch's store-closing sale last year at a slight splurge for @$14.00.  I just knew it would be worth it, and it's paid for itself over and over again in its usefulness.

(By the the 2 photos below, please don't count the number of visible buttons vs. button holes in her jacket - Mommy did it again and sent her to school with the button in the wrong hole... Okay, so I just admitted to it so you're all gonna look now.  It's okay.  Live and learn.)

All of the items have gotten a ton of wear over the last 3 seasons, mixed and matched with other seasonably-appropriate items.  On the day this photo was taken, the weather was an unseasonably warm 60-something-degree January day (who'da thought the next day it'd be snowing??), and I was only too happy to skip the addition of a coat.  I'll have another post one day about the critical addition of denim to just about anything.

My girl has been a shining star in this project, a completely willing participant when I ask her, oh so nicely, to let me photograph her outfits for my "friends," her only payment the promise of being allowed to view the photos aftewards...and a BIG kiss from Mommy.

So lucky, I am!   


Anna Theurer said...

so. . .the boots. . . I love them but however did you convince Sammi to wear them and keep them on?

Lisa said...

adorable of course! Any idea if most stores like Sears & Target are pretty consistant with clothing available across different regions? If so it would be awesome when you find good stuff on clearance to know so I can go look at our stores - I am the worst bargin shopper because I hate to "look" and stink at putting together cute outfits. I'm all about being a copy-cat! Also I am ALWAYs on the look out for cute leggings that go with navy or khaki to use with Cate's uniforms.

Becca said...

Anna - Sammi *did* go through a (very LONG) stage where she removed her shoes/boots at EVERY given moment, but she doesn't do that much anymore, thankfully!

Becca said...

Great question, Lisa! I know that the big chains *do* modify what they have by region, but the timing of the clearance should still be the same. But, depending on how busy the particular store is that you frequent, they may have more or less merchandise on clearance at any given moment. I go to one of 3 different Targets on a regular basis (we're lucky like that!) and haven't spotted any major differences in what they carry.