Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Naartjie's Treasure Tuesday!

Each week, Naartjie features items in each department at 40% off on their website.  You have to search the department to find the items and uncover the deals.  Let me tell you, there's some good stuff in there... 

I'll list today's great finds here, but going forward, I'll be posting the Treasure Tuesday reminder under the Upcoming Sales and Promotions tab of this blog, above.

Today you can find:

Newborn Girl

Mikayla floral pants (now $7.77)

Pieced sweetest spot print cardigan (now $10.17)

Baby Myra soft shoe (now $13.77)

Newborn Boy

Giraffe print one piece (now $11.97)

Baby Girls

Aston floral belled capri leggings (now $9.57)

Aston floral ruffled car applique tunic (now $10.17)

Lil Winona strap ballet flats (now $16.17)

Baby Boys

Marrakesh print cracker shirt (now $10.77)



Cracker pants (now $16.77)

Kid Girl

Aston floral ruffled car applique tunic (now $10.17)

Aston floral belled capri leggings (now $9.57)

Winona strap ballet flats (now $16.17)

Kid Boy

Adjustable waist cracker pant (now $16.77)

Marrakesh print cracker shirt (now $10.77)

Happy shopping!


Lisa said...

legging heaven!!! Cate has 3 adorable new leggings on the way - very cute stuff on that site!

Becca said...

Awesome, Lisa!! I get a *lot* of great leggings from them, too.

Btw, I'm so sorry to anyone who has been trying to click on the photos/logos to try to get to larger images or web links, but I don't know how to link an image to a site. If any of you have some info into how to do this in Blogger, could you please let me know?