Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Summer Leftover - Layering for Early Fall

I had lined this post up months ago, pictures intact, but never completed it.  This lovely little spaghetti-strap jumper was a thrift store find a while back.  Perfectly translatable into fall with a pair of capris, a t-shirt underneath and a hoodie on top, it would work with any footwear, from Crocs to boots. 
It's funny, I found myself today reading back through old posts here from last winter and realizing, shocked, that I'd forgotten about many of the outfit combinations I had put together in those earlier photos, and was excited at the prospect of pulling all of those clothes out again for fall.  Having thought ahead of time when I purchased those items in sizes slightly larger than she really needed then, I am confident that they will still fit now, and that I will have an awful lot of fun in the creation of new looks this season.     

This little zipper detail is what really sold me on the dress.  Sweet!


wendy said...

How cute!

Tony Wu said...

The little zipper detail kid clothes is what really sweet.