Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What She Wore Yesterday

Another fabulous find from consignment at Little Lords and Ladies.  I used about $50 of my $80-something credit there (consigning is so much fun when you just get store credit to spend later!) and picked up a few things - a short-sleeved sweater (always a very practical item), a denim jacket (Hanna Andersson, $15.00), two pairs of thick, ribbed, sweater-leggings, a cute fleecy jumper and an Oilily dress for a friend's little girls, a ruffle-front long sleeved shirt (to be featured in a future post), and this beautiful and unique Du Pareil...Au Meme dress of exquisitely-lined, purple boiled wool with patchwork applique.  New, with tags, for $9.00.  Similar ones on their website now are going for @28 Euros, and I saw some on eBay for $50.00! 

With so much color, I knew it would be easy to find items to match with it.  I added a pair of pink striped leggings and a multi-color striped Hanna Andersson t-shirt I got at a consignment sale last year for $2.00, and put the most expensive items she owns on her feet - a prized pair of pink Doc Martens, a splurge we made last spring that we hope will fit at least to winter.

Below is the back of the dress.  As lovely as the front, and just as unusual.

The front.

Faux pocket, with a sweet button detail.

Pink DMs - our biggest splurge for Sammi's wardrobe to-date.

Detail, detail, detail!  Love the "buttons" on the front.


Lisa said...

so adorable! when will you add personal shopping services to your website - i sure need some!

wendy said...

I love this!!!